Accidents Happen on Days Off Too. Get Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Insurance is not just for business. Besides the range of insurance plans you need during business hours, there are others that cover you on holidays.

If you are driving your truck for business purposes, you need to have a Primary Liability Insurance. However, if you’re using your truck for non-business activities, you need to go for a Non-Trucking Liability Insurance plan.

If you get into an accident when on the road for personal reasons, Non-trucking Liability insurance will kick in. Personal reasons include anything from visiting your friends or family to transporting products for your garden. In those cases, Nevada Non-trucking Liability insurance pays for property damage and medical expenses to a third party.

Primary Liability Coverage vs. Non-Trucking Liability Coverage

Non-trucking insurance does not cover any activities that were aimed at profit generation. Whether you are an independent trucker or under a permanent lease with a motor carrier, any accident that relates to business will have to be covered by another insurance plan.

So, while the Primary Liability covers you during working hours, the Non-trucking coverage has your back on holidays.

It’s worth mentioning that Primary Liability insurance is not enough for leased truckers. Their motor carriers will need to provide an additional Physical Damage insurance plan for the vehicle itself. Truckers can do this on their own as well.

Bobtail Liability is NOT the Same as Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non-trucking Liability insurance is very often confused with Bobtail Liability insurance. However, there is a slight difference between them and it should not be ignored. Bobtail insurance covers you only if you are operating without a trailer. It also doesn’t matter if you are directed by a motor carrier or not.

Non-trucking Liability insurance covers you if you are on a leisure ride. Most importantly, you must not be dispatched by your carrier to qualify for this insurance.

Rates for Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

The rates for Non-trucking coverage vary based on different situations. Contact us to understand your needs and find a rate that matches your financial capability.

Filings for Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Generally, the government doesn’t require proof of financial responsibility for you to qualify for Non-trucking Liability insurance. In most cases it depends on the policy contract you sign. So you’d better get your questions answered before you put your name on the paper.

Things to Keep in Mind

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between business and non-business trips. To make things easier for truckers, state and federal courts have issued special definitions.

These guidelines will help you understand which trips are considered personal, and which ones are for business purposes.

For instance, if you are heading home after unloading the cargo, you may not be covered by Non-trucking Liability insurance. This is considered a part of your job. Trips like driving to and from work, repair service or a stop at the gas station are all job-related. These cases will be covered by the insurance your carrier provides.

Still doubting whether you should have Non-trucking Liability insurance or not? No worries, just give us a call, and our experts will calculate your risks and give effective recommendations to you. We will handle your leisure truck protection in a professional manner and offer you the best options tailored to your trucking needs.