Longer Drives Require Better Coverage. Get Insured for Long Haul Trucking

Being a long-distance trucker means spending days, weeks and sometimes even months on the road. You work away from your family, friends, and home. Some Nevada truckers get it worse. If you are one of them, you might miss your child’s birthday or the chance to celebrate the special wedding anniversary with your wife. In addition to this personal sacrifice you’re making for your job, you have to be more attentive on large and busy highways. This state of alertness usually lasts very long, but as a responsible truck driver, you never get tired.

This is why a helpful Long Haul Trucking insurance can be a savior to you. You deserve to be protected against any unexpected risks you will face on the everlasting roads. No matter how much of a knowledgeable and well-trained driver you are, long haul trucking can turn into a disaster. So, here are the options you have.

The Drive Will Be Long. Make Smart Choices Now

We recommend Nevada long haul truckers to choose from the following coverages:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance - Protect yourself from any unexpected accidents by obtaining a commercial auto insurance. Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability coverage is just what you need on the long road. In addition, you might want to add the following plans to the package: Personal Injury protection, Uninsured Motorist, Underinsured Motorist, and Medical Payments.
  • Physical Damage Insurance - It’s more than clear that you will find yourself out of business without your truck. Collision and comprehensive coverages will come to rescue if your truck is damaged in an accident. Coverage also applies in case of fire, theft or other dangers.
  • Cargo Insurance - Transporting goods safely is the main goal of a successful trucker. So before starting your long business trip make sure you have your freight insured to avoid cargo loss, damage and a nervous breakdown. This is one of the most important insurance plans a long haul trucker should have.
  • General Liability Insurance - If you firmly intend to build a successful trucking business in Nevada, but still want to enjoy your peace of mind, you will need this insurance. While you’re taking care of the truck and the cargo, this plan will be responsible for other components of your business. Some of those components are your facility, storage facilities, office areas, parking areas, and more.

Long haul drivers make the most money in the trucking industry. Earning the most means investing the most. As long haul trucking in Nevada is one of the toughest jobs around, protection and insurance should be taken seriously. Hence, insuring your business and investments should be your utmost goal.

With our team of skilled and knowledgeable experts, we are dedicated to guiding you through this complicated process. Each and every member of our team works with you to find the right coverage at the best rate for your business. With us, you will have every aspect of your business insured. That way you can take up long haul drives not thinking about the risks. Give us a call and enjoy the protection you deserve.

What Private Carrier Insurance Filings Will You Need?

To make sure that your business follows the law at all times, private truck drivers in Nevada should acquire a minimum level of coverage. If your trucking business is intended to cross the state lines, you will most probably need federal or state truck insurance filing. This documentation serves as a guarantee that you have sufficient truck insurance protection.

Behind every successful business there is good planning and support. Our professional team of experts is happy to help you plan your insurance needs and support you in the process. Not every truck driver is up-to-date with the necessary requirements they need on the road. Or they might not be sure which insurance will protect them best. If that’s the case with you, contact us to make use of our resources. We will be glad to help you find the type of insurance that will match your business. We’ll also do the time-consuming paperwork for you. Don’t waste your time! Every wasted hour is money that could be earned on the road!