Get Your Commercial Auto Insurance Today and Drive Safe

First off, keep in mind that Commercial Auto insurance is different from Personal Auto policy. The criteria for both differ based on vehicle type, limits, types of coverages, and the situations they apply to. If you or your employees are driving a vehicle in the state of Nevada in the course and scope of business, you need Nevada Commercial Auto insurance. All cases where you drive your vehicle to haul goods or transport people for money, or to conduct a service are considered business.

Nevada Commercial Vehicle insurance provides protection for:

  • business autos (cars, light trucks, vans and more),
  • trucks (dump trucks, trailer trucks and other trucks),
  • trailers (pickup truck utility trailers, large dump body trailers and others).

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Options

This type of insurance covers vehicles, drivers and third parties engaged in the accident. Here are some of the Commercial Auto insurance options that may fit your business:

  • Liability - Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverages will pay for injuries or damages to other people or property, if you are to blame for the accident.
  • Uninsured Motorist - If you get into an accident with someone who has no insurance, the Uninsured Motorist coverage will pay for the damages.
  • Medical Payments/Personal Injury - This coverages will pay the medical and funeral expenses of the covered people in case of an accident.
  • Physical Damage - Your vehicle will be covered in case of vandalism, collision, fire, theft or other damages.
  • Non-Owned Vehicle - If any of your commercial vehicles are not listed on your policy, the Non-Owned Vehicle insurance can provide Liability coverage for them.

There are also several Commercial Auto insurances specially designed for trucks, such as:

  • Motor Truck Cargo - covers the cargo when lost or damaged
  • Motor Truck General Liability - covers the injuries or property damage you cause
  • Trailer Interchange - covers the exchanged trailers when lost or damaged

Tow Truck insurance coverages

  • Garagekeepers Legal Liability - covers the customer’s vehicle when parking or storing it
  • On-Hook Towing - covers the customer’s vehicle when towing it

If you are a Commercial Auto insurance customer, keep in mind that the amount of money you will be charged will mainly depend on some factors. The driving history, the amount of insurance, the type of vehicle, the type of business, and location will be taken into consideration when calculating the cost.

You can also take advantage of the Commercial Auto insurance discounts. Contact us to see if you qualify for them.

If the vehicles, especially trucks, are the essential part of your business, make sure you have them safeguarded as the accidents on the road are beyond your control. Without this, you might find yourself out of business tomorrow. Our team is specialised in Nevada trucking insurance and will take up the safety challenges you face. Meanwhile, you can actually invest your time and energy in your business. In case of an accident, we will be fast to get you back on the road and back in business.