Get an Affordable Motor Carrier Insurance for Your Businesses in Nevada

If you are an independent contractor in Nevada, you can get permanently hired by a motor carrier. But first and foremost, our recommendation for you is to get acquainted with Motor Carrier insurance plans in Nevada. These plans are specifically tailored for for-hire trucking businesses. So do your research before your next business decision.

Must-have For-hire Truck Insurance Plans to Obtain

The trucking business is full of risks, so some of the insurance plans are an absolute necessity. Others are more flexible and can be obtained only if you want to get an extra set of protection. Liability insurance is a must-have insurance that all Nevada trucking businesses should have.

  • Liability Insurance - This kind of insurance compensates the damages caused to other people and their property. Motor carriers can benefit from Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverages that are both part of the Liability insurance. Bodily Injury coverage will not only compensate the expenses of an injury caused by your actions, but will also pay for your legal defense.

If you are an independent truck driver working for a trucking company, it’s possible that your company will provide you with Primary Liability insurance. Keep in mind that this is a mandatory Motor Carrier coverage. It serves as a guarantee that your or your motor carrier’s operations don’t pose any serious risks to you and to the public.

Are you interested in more coverage? Learn more about additional motor carrier insurance plans you can get below.

Other For-hire Truck Insurance Packages You Need to Have

  • Physical Damage Insurance - Physical Damage insurance is made up of 3 options: Collision coverage, Comprehensive coverage, and Fire and Theft with Combined Additional coverages. These 3 plans are usually sold together and protect your truck from collision, vandalism, fire, and theft.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance - Besides your truck, you also need to protect the goods you are transporting. This type of insurance will convey your responsibility for cargo whether it is lost, hijacked, or damaged.
  • Uninsured Motorist Insurance - This Motor Carrier insurance varies depending on the state. It reimburses the damages and injuries caused to you by a driver who doesn’t have Liability insurance fully or sufficiently.
  • Medical Payments Insurance - Also known as MedPay insurance, this insurance pays medical bills for you and your passengers if you are unfortunately engaged in an accident.

If you are in the trucking industry in Nevada, you should follow the Motor Carrier insurance requirements properly to reduce the risks on the road. It will guarantee success to your business and will save you from paying out-of-pocket.