Protect the Goods & Complete the Mission. Obtain Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Whether you’re new in business or have been in it for years, we hope you know the value of proper insurance. Protection is not only for your health and the truck, you should also take care of the cargo. As a professional truck driver, your mission is to deliver the goods and contribute to client happiness. Without proper insurance, you will be responsible for the cargo that is stolen, damaged or lost and a client that is not happy.

Does all that sound very familiar? Well, then Nevada Motor Truck Cargo insurance, also known as Cargo insurance, is designed specifically for you. This coverage will take the burden off your shoulders and help you focus on the road ahead.

Keep in mind that there are some restrictions for vehicles trying to obtain a Motor Truck Cargo coverage. Garbage trucks, limos, buses, passenger vans, and ice-creams trucks are not eligible for Nevada Cargo truck insurance.

The cargo you are transporting will also have to fit the criteria. Some types of goods and valuables are excluded from this plan. The list includes, but is not limited to art, jewelry, money, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol, live animals, property while in custody of any other carrier, property owned by the insured, explosive or radioactive materials.

What Does Cargo Truck Insurance Cover?

Completing successful deliveries is a priority, but it takes hard work to do it every time. It’s even trickier when it comes to long haul truckers, who are on the job for days. This is why your business should have Motor Truck Cargo insurance no matter what the cost.

Cargo insurance will compensate for destruction and damage of the transported goods. The insurance will also protect it from being hijacked, lost or broken. In case the cargo is scattered on the highway in an accident, the coverage takes the responsibility for removing the extract pollutants caused by the debris. Once a loss has occurred, this coverage will protect the damaged cargo from further loss and will pay for your legal defense.

How to Choose a Cargo Truck Insurance Provider?

Look into the following aspects when choosing a Cargo Truck insurance provider for your business. Consider how fast they will come to your rescue and how effective is their action plan. Cargo insurance can be a saviour if you are not over insuring or under insuring the load. You should be careful not to pay out-of-pocket and calculate the risks appropriately. Don’t shy away from professional work if this is more than you can handle.

Cargo Truck insurance is not applicable in all situations. Keep in mind that the rates vary depending on what you are hauling. Find out if you are eligible for this coverage and what cargo plan will match your needs. Or you can save up on precious time by contacting our team for support.

Give us a call if you want to protect your cargo with us. We will be glad to take your liability so that you can continue doing your work responsibilities. Our professionals will also handle the paperwork for you and get you started with a reliable insurance plan.